The Loop : entangle - balance - play


The workshop deals with perceptions of the "outside" and the "inside" - the public and the private - and refers to individually perceived spaces and boundaries of the body.

We work with a loop of fabric and illuminate its immateriality. The fabric creates new spaces for action and offers new possibilities to play with the influence of gravity. During the session, the material becomes a non-verbal communication tool and the concept of a circle and the interconnectedness of the human beings gets rediscovered.


The participants create intimate meeting places in small groups inside the loop and explore the meaning of balance and borders together.

With the help of their own body weight and mass, the participants can create circles and entanglements together, in which they can also lean and relax. We enter an "interrelationship" with ourselves, the material and the group.


We feel every move the others do - without touching each other - the only connection is the material.

We explore this constructed space, partly improvised and partly guided. The interplay between what is visible and what is hidden and the intuitive play with the influence of gravity and the movements of the others makes the dance in the loop so special.