Duo-Dentity: Performance in the Loop by MandaLoop Yoga:

Through the additional use of LED lamps the sewed loop
suddenly turns into a moving shadow wall,
through which stories are told. The lamps can be
seen as traffic lights of a constantly changing
urban environment. In the rush of daily life we
might often wonder how to construe our
identities in the interaction with others living in

the same space.
Concept & Dance by Dani & Alma:
Daniela Staudinger is an artist and teacher of aerial acrobatics & yoga, based in Vienna, Austria. She loves to work with textiles in horizontal and vertical ways and is inspired by her love for photography and videography. Daniela teaches Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Hatha Yoga and organises Retreats and the Aerial Art Festival in Austria. www.aeriality.at https://www.facebook.com/zebraonair/
Alma Gall is an actress, performing artist and Laughter Yoga teacher and holds diverse workshops and speeches in Austria and abroad. In addition, she is a management board member and tour guide at the Nonseum – a museum with inventions that nobody needs in order to make people laugh.
Daniela and Alma share many passions including aerial and partner acrobatics, environmental education, Yoga, Laughter Yoga and improvisation. In their collaborative work as artists and teachers, they are inspired by all of these disciplines and combine them harmoniously, creating a unique set of performances, workshops and retreats.
Music by Lukas Dittami