Meditation - Breath - Awareness - Touch


Traditionally practiced in Buddhist monasteries a thousand years ago as a spiritual practice, Thai Massage in the western world is practiced as a meditation in movement and is often used to calm down and relax the muscles and the mind after doing (partner-) acrobatics.

Another aspect of Thai Massage - and that’s why it is also called “Passive Yoga” - is the “assisted stretch”, where the giver brings the recipient into yoga-like positions.

But not only the receiver can relax in this workshop: Thai Massage is often called “Lazy Massage” because this technique is quite relaxing for the masseuse too! :-)


The participants are invited to follow their intuition and breath while massaging. We are aware about the influence of gravity and use this physical force to melt in a sensitive and compassionate way into the muscular layers of the recipient.


Each participant will give and receive a full-body massage sequence - from the toes to the head :-) But in contrast to the classical western massage, we won’t use lotions or oils and we also don’t want to rub or knead the naked muscles - we will much more compress, pull, stretch and rock the single body parts of the clothed receiver.


In this treatment we celebrate the symbiosis of giving and receiving - of every inhale and every exhale - and combine fluid and smooth movements with rhythmic and static pressures.


We use this practice to relax our body, release muscle tension and ground ourselves again!


Daniela Staudinger (AUT) fell in love with Thai Massage while visiting “AcroYoga” courses & workshops. She visited Thailand in 2018 and joined the Thai Massage Basic Course in Chiang Mai to share the basic principles and moves with her students.


Daniela teaches Thai Massage Lessons at "Aerosomnia" - Aerial Arts and Yoga Retreat which takes place every summer in Litschau/ Austria and at the“Thank you for flying” retreats every year at the Gea Akademie in Schrems/ AUT with her friend and colleaque Alma Gall.